Taken by Zaina Alabandi, edited by Jude AlSalim.

It all started when…

The pages of 'Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage' by Haruki Murakami screamed "BEYOND" at the uninspired Jude AlSalim. It suddenly all came together. As an artist with a goal that only seemed more and more like a fleeting reverie as she continued to hear shunning words from society, Jude wondered how many artists have settled on becoming engineers or doctors, because it seemed more respected by society, and eventually lost what they deemed nothing but an irrelevant hobby in the process. Jude has done everything she could do to climb beyond the oppressive wall of societal standards, but it was never enough, because it was an individual achievement. After creating Artal, Jude and her sister Bayan wanted more than to showcase their art. They aimed to create a platform that does not only cherish their art but that of others while still incorporating the historical artistic beauty of the Arab world and its contemporary excellence in all art fields as well. It became their goal to make luminaries out of those who think they are ordinary. And suddenly, BEYOND was born.